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Training Resources

We provide solutions. All our work is focused around the client's needs.

Training Resources:

Our approach reflects our commitment to equipping organizations and its people with field-tested tools and techniques aligned to critical industry standards for long lasting performance. At Head Centric, we provide world-class project management training with a wide range of courses designed to equip professionals with the real-world skills and knowledge required to be effective Project Managers. Our leading-edge methodologies are based on our belief that people learn by doing.

Experienced Practitioners

The Head Centric team of trainers and consultants are active and experienced practitioners who come with almost three decades of path breaking work in learning dynamics and methodologies. They are experts with the latest methods, practices, techniques and tools.

Our Training Material

For us innovation isn’t an option, it is imperative. We constantly review and update all our training material to match the latest trends, practices and competitive needs. Our training materials are developed and qualified by our in-house experts of company owners and founding partners

Training Phases

Head Centric Services Team will meet and exceed client expectations utilizing our Consulting Methodology. The methodology is divided into the following distinct phases:

  • 1. Assess
  • 2. Plan & Design
  • 3. Verify
  • 4. Implement
  • 5. Transition
  • 6. Support

Phase 1: Assess

During the Assessment phase, Head Centric works with the client to analyze the current systems and business processes to align project goals with the strategic direction of the company.

The deliverables for this phase include:
  • A high-level phased project plan outlining the future path to achieve the goals and objectives.
  • A document that will include project scope, objectives, deliverables, and costs for Phase 2.

Phase 2: Plan & Design

The Plan & Design phase combines Head Centric industry experience and client specific information into a plan of action. Head Centric develops a comprehensive plan outlining the project’s purpose, requirements, business objectives, and performance metrics. All elements of the project plan are intended to achieve the strategic targets and business drivers for the project.

The deliverables for this phase include:
  • A task-level project plan outlining the steps to achieve the project goals and objectives..
  • A document outlining approximate costs for hardware, software, professional services, and other necessary expenditures for the remaining phases of the project.

Phase 3: Verify

Using the custom solution designed in Phase 2, Head Centric will build and configure the solution in a test lab or as a pilot in the “production” network environment. As part of this phase, Head Centric will conduct system tests to verify that the solution will function properly in the client’s IT environment. If needed, changes to the proposed design will be made in this phase. Using the finalized project design, an implementation plan will be created that will be used in Phase 4.

The deliverables for this phase include:
  • A fully configured test lab or pilot solution.
  • A tested transition plan to the new solution.
  • A go-live fall back contingency plan.

Phase 4: Implement

Working closely with the client, Head Centric will determine the optimum time to perform the implementation plan created in Phase 3. The final production environment will then be deployed and brought online.

The deliverables for this phase include:
  • A solution implemented into the production environment.
  • Performance optimization of the solution to meet the client’s expectations.
  • Knowledge transfer to the client throughout this phase and the remaining phases of the project.

Phase 5: Transition

When the production environment has been accepted by the client, the conditions are met to go live. During this phase user accounts, data, and other pertinent information are transitioned to the new system.

The deliverables for this phase include:
  • Fully functioning solution that satisfies the requirements determined in Phases 1 and 2.
  • Documentation on the new solution.

Phase 6: Support

The proposed solution is now live. To assist client’s with the transition, Head Centric can assist internal teams with support and troubleshooting tasks.

The deliverables for this phase include:
  • Ownership of the project transferred to the client’s internal team.
  • All project support activities will be moved to the internal production support team.